3 Often-Forgotten Pieces Of Equipment To Rent During An Exterior Business Facelift

Posted on: 1 February 2018

You're planning to add a layer of paint, replace a few windows, and maybe even install some new signs. It sounds like some plans are underway for a full-on facelift of your business property. These kinds of projects will often involve hiring a few contractors, but if you are like a lot of small business owners, a lot of this work will be done for yourself, which means a few trips to an equipment rental store. As you make your plans for this exterior makeover of your business property, keep this short lift of often-forgotten pieces of equipment you may need. 

Ground-Protection Mats

Landscaped areas, your parking lot, sidewalks—these are just a few of the places on your business property that need rightful protection when you are doing work in the area, especially if any of the work you are planning will involve heavy equipment. Ground protection mats create a temporary barrier between the ground and any equipment you bring in that could damage it. These mats are made from durable materials to ward off problems like deep scuffs in pavement or mud tracks in grassy areas. Most equipment rental stores have these available to rent, so make sure you don't forget them to prevent causing more damage during your facelift project. 

Pedestrian Barricades 

The last thing you want to do when you are in the middle of work on your business property is to create potential areas where people still visiting could get hurt. There are going to be areas where pedestrians do not need to be, such as around scaffolding while you paint or in any area where heavy equipment is being used. Therefore, it is always a good idea to pick up pedestrian barricades or barriers that you can set up and prevent pedestrians from walking into certain areas while the work is underway. 

Pressure Washers 

Pretty much all renovation projects can get messy, whether you are painting and cleaning up the exterior or installing a new roof. Before you leave the equipment rental store, check out some good pressure washers to help you clean up as you go. These powerful machines use high-pressure water to blast away grit, debris, and dirt when your projects are coming to a close and you want everything to look nice and clean for the big reveal. Plus, pressure washers can be extremely handy to have around for specific projects, such as painting, because it will make prep work a lot easier to manage. 

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