Add Maple Syrup To Your Breakfast In These Ways

Posted on: 22 December 2020

One of the most common ways to consume grade A Vermont maple syrup is on pancakes or waffles. Drizzling this rich, flavorful liquid onto a stack of pancakes or a plate filled with waffles — after slathering soft butter onto them, of course — can make for a sweet, exciting way to start the day. These breakfast options are appealing, but there's a good chance that you don't eat this way very often in the morning. Fortunately, you don't have to wait until you make pancakes or waffles to enjoy maple syrup. Maple syrup has a number of other good uses at breakfast time. Here are some simple ways that you can enjoy the taste of maple syrup in the morning.

On Oatmeal

Many people enjoy a bowl of oatmeal as a breakfast option on a cold winter day. While some people eat their oatmeal unsweetened, this is a taste that not everyone favors. Instead of sprinkling sugar onto your oatmeal, consider pouring a small amount of maple syrup over the top and then stirring it in. Unlike sugar, which will simply make the oatmeal sweet, maple syrup will add sweetness while also giving a pleasant flavor to this breakfast option.

In A Smoothie

Starting your day with a breakfast smoothie is handy if you're in a rush. In addition to being convenient to consume when you're on the go, smoothies also give you the ability to get some greens into your diet. For example, many people favor adding kale or spinach to their breakfast smoothies to boost their nutritional value. It's appealing to add some sweetness to the mix, especially if you're adding greens that have a pronounced flavor. A small amount of maple syrup will improve the flavor of the drink, while also adding valuable minerals such as manganese and calcium.

In Baked Goods

If you're ambitious enough that you start your day by baking something for breakfast — perhaps on Sunday mornings before the rest of your family gets out of bed — you may wish to think about sweetening the baked goods with maple syrup instead of sugar. Many people look for ways to reduce their intake of refined sugar, and baking with maple syrup can help you to achieve this goal. There are all sorts of recipes online for muffins, breakfast loaves, and other similar baked goods that use maple syrup.

Look for grade A Vermont maple syrup at your local supermarket, health food store, or a similar retailer.