7 Tips Every Bride Needs To Know About Custom Wedding Invitations

Posted on: 30 May 2014

Planning a wedding can seem like a major ordeal for many brides. Finding the perfect invitation that suits your color scheme can seem nightmarish. Custom wedding invitations give you a wide range of possibilities, but there are a few things you should know before you let loose your creative side.

Save the Date

Save the date magnets or cards are not a necessity, but they are helpful. Sending your guests a heads up buys you time to customize your ideal wedding invitations. If you decide to send out save the date cards or magnets, keep in mind the following:

  • Destination/Holiday Weddings: If you're planning a destination wedding, give your guests plenty of time to plan. Send save the date notices out a year in advance. Apply the same rule for weddings that take place on or near a holiday.
  • Non-Destination Weddings: For any non-destination weddings, send out your notices at least six months in advance. A six month notice will allow local and out-of-town guests to mark their calendars. Additionally, advanced notice will allow out-of-town guests to reserve a hotel room in plenty of time to attend your wedding.

Choose Your Colors

Have an idea of what color scheme you will apply to your wedding. For example, if you are planning a vintage wedding with pastel colors, design your invitations to reflect those colors. Choose pastel colored card stock or lettering. Add embellishments such as lace or buttons for a vintage wedding. The invitation should offer your guests a hint of what to expect from your overall wedding theme.

Consider the Lettering

Not all lettering works for a wedding invitation. If you prefer traditional elegance, choose elegant lettering such as scripted styles. If you are a quirky couple who loves humor, choose a fun, funky lettering that matches your personalities.

Additionally, you should size the lettering appropriately. Use a different size lettering or a different type of lettering to make your names stand out. Make sure you choose a lettering style and size that is easy for both younger and older guests to read.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Say the year in which the wedding takes place. Did you insert the word and in your year? For example, if you were to say 2014 aloud, would you say two thousand fourteen or two thousand and fourteen? You typically do not add the word and when you say a year aloud.

When writing out your invitation, choose whether or not you are looking for a formal or informal style. Always type out all of your wording on a formal invitation, which includes typing out the year and avoiding the placement of the word and within a year. For non-formal invitations, it is perfectly acceptable to type the numeric value of the year or to insert the word and if you choose to spell it out.

Choose the Correct Envelope

You may need to choose an envelope that is somewhat bigger than your invitation. Choosing a larger envelope gives you wiggle room, allowing you to fit your invitation and any additional inserts. You will need a bigger envelope if you decide to add RSVP cards, return envelopes and reception site cards along with your invitations.

Test Your Invitation

Once you have designed your invitations and all of the inserts, have one printed and mail it to yourself. Mailing an invitation to yourself will allow you to determine how much postage will cost. Heavier cardstock and additional inserts will make your envelope weigh more, meaning it will likely cost more to send.

Furthermore, if you mail your invitation to yourself, you will have an idea of how well the envelope holds up during shipping. If the envelope falls apart, you will need a stronger glue. Opt for a strong seal to keep your envelope securely closed during the mailing process.

Invites and RSVPs

Now that you have finally worked out your color scheme and tested your invitations, it is time to send them out to your guests. Make sure your invitations are ready to go six to eight weeks prior to your wedding. For a destination wedding, you will want to send your invites approximately three months in advance.

When asking for an RSVP, have your guests respond two to three weeks prior to the wedding. For a destination wedding, ask your guests to reply three to four weeks before the wedding date. Talk to your caterer to determine exactly how much notice you need before the wedding so you can adjust your RSVPs as needed.

If you are having trouble finding the perfect invitations for your wedding, opt for customized invitations. Customized invitations give you the ability to match the color scheme and theme of your wedding. To make customizations easier, choose a professional printing company to help you with the design and bulk printing that you will need. Discover more about one possible printing company that can help you with your invitations.