What You Are Saying To The World When You Broadcast Reggae

Posted on: 26 March 2019

A live Reggae music radio station is something new. Having musicians play live versus just playing the CD tracks gives people a little more authenticity than what is generally heard in the music on a CD. However, you also should know a lot more about Reggae music before you decide to dedicate a live radio broadcast to this music genre. Reggae is loaded with lots of messages and connections that make powerful statements about those playing it and those listening to it. Here is what you should know about Reggae and its messages.

Reggae Connects You to Jamaica

Reggae is not only associated with Jamaica, it is the music that was born there. You cannot truly appreciate it without having grown up with it. If you show the genre enough respect in your show, then the broadcast will be successful even if you are not from the island nation. If you do not do it justice because you were never raised in Jamaica, you could very well offend natural-born Jamaicans. 

Reggae Is Filled With Political and Religious Messages

Originally developed as a means of carrying information in the form of music around the island nation, most Reggae still holds onto that tradition of "news in song." It is also politically and spiritually charged, with many songs talking about government officials and ruling classes, Rastafarianism, and pan-Africanism. If you do not back the messages and beliefs that spawn the songs, you might get into a little bit of trouble. However, if you do back everything the music sings about, you will find a lot of support from many different communities. 

Reggae Requires Cultural Sensitivity

Reggae, because of its deep connections to Rastafarianism, requires a lot of cultural sensitivity. If you are unfamiliar with this cultural and religious movement, you may want to back off of promoting a radio broadcasting company until you fully comprehend what it is about and why Reggae is the musical platform for it. It is also a good idea to hire some self-proclaimed Rastafarians as consultants to work on the programs at the station. They can help you maintain a cultural sensitivity and awareness of what you are trying to bring to the world, and prevent you from making any potential cultural blunders inadvertently. 

Book Actual Reggae Musicians

Do not book Caucasian Americans trying to sing Reggae on a radio broadcast. It will not go over well with listeners. Instead, book actual Reggae musicians, particularly up-and-coming ones from Jamaica. They will be a big hit.