Various Types Of Portable Toilets To Consider

Posted on: 16 April 2019

If you have a reason to need portable toilets, such as a wedding, family reunion, construction site, or anything else that brings the need for portable toilets, then you want to be sure to pick the right models. Here is information on the different models, so you know which will meet your needs for the purpose you need them for.

A standard portable toilet meets basic needs

A standard portable toilet is the highly recognizable one that most people choose to rent when they only have basic needs for short term portable toilets, such as when a carnival or fair is in town, or for a one-day event like a concert, wedding, or other large gathering. This model has a toilet that has a lid. There is just enough room for an average-sized person to move around. This model also has toilet seat covers and accommodates two rolls of toilet paper. When the toilets are delivered, the toilet seat covers and toilet paper rolls are included.

A deluxe flushing portable toilet takes things up a notch

A deluxe flushable portable toilet is the next step up, but it offers a lot more than the standard model. This model generally offers more than the added benefit of allowing the user to flush after use. It also has features like a handwashing unit located inside the portable toilet. When delivered, the unit will come with fresh water, dispensable soap, paper towels and a paper towel dispenser, toilet seat covers, and two rolls of toilet paper.

A portable toilet trailer offers superior features

There are many choices in portable toilet trailers. Some of these trailers offer basic bathroom facilities and features with much more space than a portable toilet. These trailer models have enough space for someone to change clothes as well as just using the bathroom facilities. They will also come with seat covers, toilet paper, paper towels, and more. They can also offer both hot and cold water, larger handwashing stations that can include dual sinks, and more.

These models can also be found in an ADA compliant design that accommodates walkers and wheelchairs. There are also VIP and executive models that offer classy interiors that make people feel as if they are in regular facilities in a nice place. Trailer portable toilets are chosen for classy events where the event planner wants to offer guests the best possible facilities they can. The spacious facilities are also good when there are going to be a number of people needing to change their outfits.

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