A Fun Challenge For Your Patrons That Is Profitable

Posted on: 30 October 2020

A fully-stocked vending machine that features a series of prizes that appeal to a young and old crowd can help you raise your weekly profits and entertain those who are waiting in your business' reception area. Choose a claw machine style, inventory that will be added to the unit, and a challenge level and location strategy.

The Machine

A custom claw machine that contains an airbrushed logo and prizes that are symbolic of your business could double as a marketing tool and keep your company's name fresh in game players minds. For example, if you own an automotive shop or a detailing center, a claw machine that contains your business name and pictures of automobiles on its exterior and that is fully-stocked with fuzzy dice, rearview mirror air fresheners, and steering wheel covers could appeal to your target audience.

For a family restaurant, the colors of your establishment's façade or a picture of your most popular food item could be airbrushed on the machine's exterior. Inside the machine, some mini travel games, food-shaped pillows, or other novelties that adults and children would enjoy could be added to the machine. For a more economical approach, choose a standard machine. Many machines contain bright-colored lights and bold graphics and can be used to display a variety of prize options.

The Other Details

A vending service will aid in keeping the new machine stocked and adjusting the claw attachment, to provide you with a viable way to make a consistent profit. The claw is the metal tool that is used to grasp prizes. The long metal pieces that extend from the base of a claw can be strengthened or weakened, which will either make it easier or more difficult for someone to win a prize.

Obviously, you won't want to make the game so difficult that nobody will ever be able to win a prize, but you also won't want to make it too easy, resulting in a prize being won with every attempt. Maybe, you can begin by having a vending service technician adjust the claw to a stronger setting, to allow your patrons to have more of an opportunity to win some prizes.

If the machine empties quickly and you have to purchase more prizes on a frequent basis, have adjustments made to the claw, to make each game more challenging. The location where the machine is set up is important. Choose an area that is highly visible and that will be easy for your patrons to access. Learn more about claw machines from a company like VRC Amusements today.