Is Your Deck Ready For Winter?

Posted on: 25 January 2021

Winter brings with it a lot of challenges for your average homeowner. Not only does the reduced temperature mean you are less likely to keep up with regular maintenance, but it can also wreak havoc on the more susceptible materials in your outdoor living spaces, particularly wooden decking. One of the most important services that you should consider is waterproofing, and every few years you will need to get it updated and checked. Here are a few reasons why deck waterproofing services are so vital to keeping a well-maintained home. 

Stops The Decay Of Wood

Even the most treated and hardy decks will eventually give way to the elements in some form or another. Whether that is through the mold, rot, or just a simple decay of internal strength, all decks give way in the end. To make sure this doesn't happen for a very long time you need to protect it from the most obvious problem wooded decking faces: water. Water will draw out the oils and chemicals used to make decking last longer, and it has a naturally weakening effect on wood. Deck waterproofing services ensure that water will not get into the very porous outer layer of your wood, so that it may stay strong throughout the winter. 

Freezing Temperatures Create Cracks

Another reason why it is so important to get your waterproofing done before winter is that during these winter times, the water that gets into your wooden decking can freeze once night comes. This makes the water expand, and this expansion will strain the flexibility of your wood, often causing it to crack. Not only is that dangerous for you, as you can break through wooden decking you have long thought to be secure, but it can be very costly to replace, especially if large portions of your deck get affected.

Get A Good Clean

Before your deck has the waterproofing treatment applied, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned so that no dirt or corrosive materials get in the way of the chemicals. This has the added benefit of making your deck look brand-new and with minimal effort on your part. If your deck is starting to look more like a garden than a neat wooden, outdoor area, then you need to get that dirt and organic waste off as soon as possible. Winter can also make these things more damaging to your deck, as they will scratch and tear at the wood whenever a breeze hits them. Don't wait until it is freezing cold; get deck waterproofing services now and have the peace of mind you desire.