5 Steps Anyone Can Take Now To Make Funeral Prearrangements

Posted on: 19 February 2021

Most people want to save their loved ones as much trauma and grief as possible when they pass away. And one of the best ways to do this is to make advance arrangements for what happens to your physical remains when you die. Planning for death may not be an activity you've thought of before, but it can be something that frees you from worry and makes life easier for those you leave behind.

To help you decide how to make prearrangements, here are five things you can do now no matter what your circumstances. 

1. Set Aside Money. You have a number of good options to set aside money for your funeral expenses. One of the easiest is to open a bank account and establish it as payable on death to the person you want to handle your arrangements. Add to this account as you can over the years. Another popular alternative is to use a life insurance policy specifically to cover these expenses. 

2. Designate Someone in Charge. If you don't stipulate who should make decisions for your funeral, the state in which you live will assign someone based on standard family relationships. Instead, you may want to name your own individual, to ensure that not only are your wishes followed, but the burden doesn't fall on anyone who won't be up to it. 

3. Meet With a Funeral Home. Most people probably aren't aware of how much may need to be decided for a funeral. The best place to start learning about your choices and responsibilities is by working with a local funeral home. They can give you professional guidance, and you'll have an established relationship your family can draw upon when it comes time to use the arrangements. 

4. Start With Manageable Tasks. If the idea of arranging for your own funeral makes you uncomfortable, feel free to start small. Decide between burial and cremation. Or, write down some pleasant elements like what flowers you want or what songs you'd like sung. As you check a few manageable things off your list, other tasks will come easier. 

5. Tell Your Loved Ones. Whatever you do decide — whether it's a lot or a little — be sure to write it down and let your loved ones know. You may choose to share your plans in advance or just let them know where to find your written specifications.

Which of these preplanning steps can you take? No matter where you want to start or what your resources are, every decision you make now is one less thing your loved ones will have to worry about. Learn more about prearranging for your own passing by meeting with an experienced funeral home in your area today.