3 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

Posted on: 19 March 2021

Your water heater may develop problems due to failed components or old age. This can affect the efficiency of your unit, leading to inconvenience. Fortunately, most of these problems can be corrected by repair. However, you need to get professional help on time before they cause further damage. Below are three signs you need water heater repair.

1. Fluctuating Temperatures

If you notice that you always receive hot water for some time and then it gets lukewarm or cold, you need to take action. This problem mainly happens when mineral deposits accumulate at the bottom of the unit, blocking the heating elements.

Consequently, the heaters will not work efficiently, explaining why you receive water with fluctuating temperatures. Fortunately, professionals can clean your unit to improve its performance.

2. Hot Water Exhausts Quickly

Most versions of water heaters have heating elements at the bottom and top. The work of the lower one is to heat water and the top one to keep it hot. Therefore, if your hot water starts running out sooner than expected, the chances are that the bottom heater is defective. Thus, you should get water heater repair services.

A faulty dip tube can also be the source of this issue. This tube is found at the top of your unit, and it usually pushes cold water to the lower heating element. However, cold water will remain at the top when it is faulty, mixing with the heated water ready to be supplied to your faucets. This will significantly reduce the temperatures, and in turn, you will get cold water.

You should get water heater repair services when you notice your hot water is exhausting quickly. Unfortunately, most homeowners ignore this problem and wait for too long before they call a repair service. It is advisable to seek help right way to restore effective functioning. The experts will inspect your unit to find the cause of the problem and solve it.

3. Low Water Pressure

Mineral deposits from cold water can also block your water heater's pipework, which can cause hot water to be delivered to your home at low pressure. Leakage can also lead to reduced water pressure. This can be annoying as it can delay your activities and lead to inconveniences at home. It is important to hire water heater repair professionals to inspect the entire system and find a solution to water pressure problems.

If your water heater is exhibiting any of the above warning signs, it is time to hire water heater repair services. Ensure you work with a trustworthy professional to avoid costly mistakes.