Preparing For Your Video Conference Call

Posted on: 19 April 2021

Video conferencing is a convenient solution for individuals that need to hold a virtual meeting. However, this technology can be unfamiliar to many individuals, and this can make it harder for them to have a productive and enjoyable time using these systems.

Minimize Any Unnecessary Internet Use During The Call

Video conferencing systems will utilize very large amounts of bandwidth from your internet. If you have a weaker internet connection, then it can be extremely important to minimize any unnecessary downloads or other activity for the duration of the call. This will preserve as much of your bandwidth as possible so that the call will have a high quality and a smooth picture. Lastly, you can opt to decrease the quality of the video that you are broadcasting, but this can have a major impact on the quality of the image that others on the conference call will see.

Avoid Strong Back Light Sources

Poor lighting conditions can make it difficult for others to see you, and it may also influence their opinion of your professionalism. A simple mistake that people will make with their setup can be having a strong source of light behind them. This will potentially make it difficult for the camera to focus on them. Rather, you should have your lighting behind the camera and facing you. This will ensure that you are properly illuminated, which can help the camera to remain focused on you while also ensuring the image is as clear as possible to those watching your feed. Also, you will want to be the recommended distance from your camera as this will be the setting that it uses to calibrate its auto-focus feature.

Turn Off Notifications In Your Video Conferencing Platform

Depending on the video conferencing platform that you are using, it may have notifications that will alert you when there is a new call waiting, message received, or other important information available. However, while these notifications can be an effective tool, they will be a potential distraction during a call where you are needing to pay close attention. Prior to your important video conferencing call, you should go into the settings of your platform and disable the notifications. Most of these platforms will make this a simple process, but if you are new to the platform, you may want to consult with the user's manual to ensure you are following the steps to fully disable these notifications.