3 Reasons Auto Dealerships Should Hire a Title Registration Specialist

Posted on: 8 July 2021

When you sell cars to your customers, you have to help them with a range of administrative tasks. For example, a vehicle's title has to be transferred when it changes owner. While some dealerships take on new ownership responsibilities themselves, you can outsource this kind of work. For example, you can hire a title registration specialist to help you understand how it works.

What are the benefits of bringing in a specialist?

1. Reduce Administrative Work

Transferring a vehicle to a new owner takes time. You'll need to allocate staff resources to the job. This means you might need to employ administrative staff, or you or your personnel might need to take on these jobs yourselves. This may mean your staffing costs will increase if you have to hire more people. You really want your sales staff to focus on selling rather than on administrative work.

If you use a title registration specialist, then you can outsource these jobs and you can reduce your administrative workload.

2. Get Faster Results

You won't always find it easy to fit new owner administrative tasks into your working day. You might have to also spend more time on these processes if you're making interstate sales. Each state will have different rules on title transfers. You need to know a state's rules and requirements before you are able to make a transfer. For example, some states want odometer readouts. Others may want proof that a vehicle meets local air pollution control standards.

Getting all the relevant information for a given state within its deadline isn't always easy. It might take you some time to prepare everything you need and you might make mistakes that delay the process. If you contract this job out, then you will be able to get expert help. Your title registration partner should know individual state rules and will be able to tell you what information they need to make the transfer. They have the skills to deliver an error-free solution.

So, you get quicker transfers. As well as benefiting you, this also helps your customers. Your reputation for quick and efficient customer service will increase if you complete their paperwork quickly.

3. Save Money

While you might think that using a title registration service will increase your costs, this isn't necessarily true. You may be able to pass these costs on to your customers. Plus, outsourcing this job could save you money in other ways. Your employees won't have to spend time on these tasks, you won't need extra hires, and you won't waste sales opportunities by keeping your salespeople focused on their respective tasks.

To find out more, contact a local title registration specialist and ask about their dealership packages.