• 3 Steps To Buying Your Dream Home

    Finding that dream home--the one that has everything you wanted--can be a tricky endeavor. It takes a sound knowledge of knowing exactly which features you can't live without and a willingness to compromise on the ones you can. It takes a talented real estate agent who understands your needs and who's willing to work hard to help you meet them. It takes time and devotion to touring homes, applying for loans, filling out paperwork and surviving home inspections.
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  • Repair or Replacement? Knowing What's Best For Your Air Conditioner

    During the summer months, Seattle can become uncomfortably hot. Research from the University of Washington has shown that over the last 30 years, nighttime heat waves have been increasing. As a result, it's not only important for residents of Seattle to own an air conditioner, but they should also keep it properly maintained to stay cool. At some point, your air conditioner will stop functioning at its peak performance or even break down, leaving you with the decision about whether to replace or repair your unit.
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  • 5 Common UAT Challenges Business Analysts Have To Manage

    User acceptance testing (UAT) is a critical stage in any system development project. UAT makes sure that developers implement changes correctly, and involves defined test scenarios that mirror the things that 'real' users would do. Business analysts normally oversee the UAT stage in a project, as they have the knowledge and skills to deal with both technical and user-driven queries. According to the scale of the project, UAT can take several months and business analysts often have to deal with a number of common challenges.
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